Allegiance telecom liquidating trust, company overview

Allegiance telecom liquidating trust
  • Any different facts or conditions might require the Division to reach a different conclusion.
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  • The Disclosure Statement will be submitted to the Bankruptcy Court for approval pursuant to Section b of the Bankruptcy Code after notice and a hearing, prior to its distribution.
Allegiance telecom liquidating trust

In Re Allegiance Telecom Inc. cv

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  2. We are much smaller in size and resources than many of our competitors.
  3. If, for any reason, Staff does not concur with our conclusions, we would appreciate the opportunity to confer with Staff prior to any written response to this letter.

In Re Allegiance Telecom Inc. (1 11-cv-08229)

While the Asset Purchase Agreement contemplates Plan approval as a condition precedent to the closing thereunder, the parties reserve the right to waive this condition under certain circumstances. Key Data Use of Proceeds Competitors. See also Wickes Companies, Inc. The communications industry is highly competitive.

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We operate our business in two business units through two primary operating subsidiaries, which we refer to as the Wireless. In Mooney Aerospace Group, Ltd. As a result, the shares received in such offering by non-affiliates are not restricted securities. In re The Stanley Hotel, cs go matchmaking Inc.

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Company Description

Incoming Letter

The Disclosure Statement was approved by the Bankruptcy Court pursuant to Section b of the Bankruptcy Code after notice and a hearing. Business and the Wireline Business. In accordance with Securities Release No.

Allegiance telecom liquidating trust

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Allegiance telecom liquidating trust

We will not directly receive any proceeds from the sale of the shares of Company common stock by the Allegiance Telecom Liquidating Trust under this prospectus. Notice of this motion was given to each creditor and equityholder of Allegiance, each of whom was given the opportunity to object to the sale. In the contemplated transaction, the Shares to be issued to Allegiance will be distributed to its creditors in exchange for claims against and interests in Allegiance only under the Plan. The ultimate distribution that we may receive is dependent upon the price at which the Allegiance Telecom Liquidating Trust sells its Company common stock as well as other factors. To hold otherwise, these courts have said, would undercut the principal purpose of the provision.

Allegiance telecom liquidating trust

Company Overview

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