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Do you think they would have settled by now? All Greeks that I know were raised in a patriarchal society. So your article is a misrepresentation of all Greek men and an apology to those who do not fit your sick profile is in order.

The Greeks are drawn to social celebrations like moths to a flame. It is considered a desperate measure, a settling for seconds should a girl marry a xeno someone outside the Greek golden race. As a result I ended up with a lot of Greek friends, so I can tell you first hand that Greeks are unlike Americans in some ways, for better and worse. What do Greek guys look for in girls?

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Rather than blaming an entire race of people, look at yourself and ask why you chose that person that subsequently turned out to be a dud. Where are these Greek men you are talking about? Ability to pay their debts. They of course encouraged me to marry greek, but they also strongly believed in education first.

Instead of taking offense. Despite being a liberated American woman, his family especially his mother welcomed me with open arms. By the time it got dark, I had had enough and left his apartment heading to a hotel.

Here are however is a brief description of what you can expect when you meet Greek men. So, do Greek men make the best husbands? He was just an easy going friendly guy and we had fun together.

  • In other words, do you settle for a Greek s-o-b just to keep the balance and socially more acceptable harmony of a Greek home?
  • He chose to forget that and try to make me the bad one.
  • Ok honey, I am a very strong woman that has had the pleasure of being desired by different men in different cultures.
  • Your mother dedicated her time to working to raise you at home where your dad dedicated his time to his restaurant.
  • No woman will get this with a Greek male.
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Dating Greek Men


Dating Greek Men

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She has to be family oriented. This surprised me initially because I come from India and I thought European men were more modern than this. Greek men may be mamas boys, but they can still get non-Greek ladies. He is the most difficult man you have ever had. Very much a feminist written agenda in order to brainwash Greek women.

This has a profound influence on how they see each other, the expectations they have of the other gender and how they see themselves. Greeks like every oriental country is about talking, not doing. Something clicked and my son was so right all the years, no Christmas presents anniversary celebrations nothing. Im not so used to this kind of controlling nature and dominating stubborness.

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He wanted to attempt to continue a relationship even though his parents lived with him, and he refused to tell them we were dating. Americans and Greeks dating dating dating a Greek man dating Greek men dating in Greece Greek men in love with a Greek man what is it like dating Greek men. Its been only three months since we started dating and I am still not sure of him because of the above qualities.

What Greek men are you talking about? He never believed in marriage counselor. To me strong values transcend culture. He wasnt even good in bed.

Anyway I am getting off topic. His friends are as immature as he is. He knew full well that he was going against his vow that he would never cheat on her. Maybe the new generation saw all the pain their mom went through they might have more respect for woman or at least be smart enough to never want to be that kind of man.

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There are very few Greek men that are honest and respectful. As you can see, male and female roles are still somewhat old fashioned in Greece. They are the biggest hypocrites. The other one is shy and sweet and wants to have a nice long term relationship when the right girls comes along.

It took our friend some days to figure out the cultural differences and apologize for the misunderstanding. Women marry an American man and when the first problem arises, they want a divorce. He is even sometimes lazy to please me in bed, dating mongolian and claims a woman should please her man.

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Join us Careers Get in touch Write for us. If my mother ran the house with everything that entailed, it was because my father was working hard ten to twelve hours a day to care for his family. Your email address will not be published. This is a testimony that I will tell to every one to hear. It was just my luck that he was walking on the other side of the street and saw me.

Someone else said the newer generation of greek men arent all like that. Smoky hot looks Not for nothing that you have heard about men here looking like Greek gods. It is unfair an despicable. An endearing sense of spontaneity There is something in the air of Greece which makes the men spontaneous and happy-go-lucky. Greek men, on the other hand, are allowed more freedom.

How can it be a moral decay when what I am proposing is respect for both sexes? Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. He is also the most difficult man ive ever been with.

What are Greek Men like - Dating Men from Greece
Dating Greek Men

What are Greek Men like - Dating Men from Greece

Althoug I married a non-Greek, american a lot of my friends married Greek guys and they are real gentlemen. Sort Girls First Guys First. He was one of the good ones. What kind of men are they anyway?

Do Greek men make good marriage partners - Greek American Girl
  1. Im corresponding right now with a noble greek man, but I thought I would research if they are good candidates for marriage.
  2. What Does it Feel Like to be in Love?
  3. These things are unavoidable.
  4. We got really close to the altar.
  5. My father thought French Canadian, Italian and Noregien, raised his daughters to be opposite of his mothers background.

Maybe your friends dont know what their husbands are doing. At the same time though you can be assured that they will pick themselves up the next day and cheerfully start all over again. Never again will I give up my independance. If you go from boyfriend to boyfriend, or fling to fling, dating website in pakistan you easily loose your good reputation.

10 Things to Know Before Dating a Greek

It sounds funny, but it's completely true. Out of morbid curiosity, how is your second marriage going? This is just my opinion from experience. Do Greek men make good marriage partners?

Should I ran away now from a Greek man. Like Latino lovers, they are two-timers or three or four or timers and keep a rotating Rolodex of women in their minds. That is the only way I know how to express my opinion about his persona.

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